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“Bringing Life Into Your World”

Indian + Multi Ethnic Gospel Radio Station NZ

Life Talk Radio NZ is multi ethnic gospel station operating around the clock to bring you uplifting music and exciting programing that will fill you with hope and faith. Join friends as we celebrate the wonders that Christ has done and is doing in the Bay of Plenty, afield and beyond. May God pour out His blessings in your home, while you are travelling or at work. Thanks for tuning in.

Meet Our On-Air Team


Robinson Martin


Esther Martin

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Robinson grew up in a Pastoral family in India. He has a beautiful wife, Esther and is a father to two delightful miraculous children. He is passionate about worshipping Jesus wherever he is and takes delight in seeing souls being saved through Christ.


Robinson feels grateful that God has given him a platform through New Zealand's first multi-ethnic gospel radio station - LifeTalk. It is exciting for him to know that people will be restored, healed and set free from the bondage of sin.


We pray that as you tune into this station that you will receive your breakthrough.

Esther was born and raised in a Christian family in India. She is married to Robinson, who is a wonderful and loving husband.

She is a doting mother to two precious kids. She feels excited to know that the gospel will be spread across the nation in many different languages, and she feels blessed to share in this radio ministry with her husband.


May the word of God and the love of Christ be spread to many ethnicities there are in our beautiful land of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Bless you and thanks for tuning in.

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Contact Us

Robinson 021 176 3058

Esther 021 0838 3775

Life Talk Trust

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Add : 5 Sirocco Place Ohauiti

Tauranga 3112

New Zealand

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